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Living Kabbalah

Applying the Wisdom

Rachel Mizrahi

Dienstag, August 14, 2018 -
8:15pm bis 9:15pm

Preis: 0€ - 15€

“Kabbalah provides a way of knowing the different possibilities and opportunities that are built into every day and every instant of time.” – Rav Berg

Gain a deeper insight and understanding as to how cosmic windows in time can guide you to discovering why certain challenges appear in your life in specific moments. Using the Zohar—the ancient Kabbalistic text that decodes the Torah’s hidden messages, learn how Kabbalistic wisdom and tools can be an enormous support whether you seek to be ahead of the curve, navigate stressful times, release repetitive patterns, bring more prosperity into your life, heal from illness, manifest love or simply appreciate everyday moments.

Open to all levels, this twice a month course will deepen your understanding and strengthen your application of Kabbalah.

Language: English

Price: 15€ or free with the monthly package

Please note that the class will start at 8:15pm!

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„Dies ist also der Maßstab: wo bin ich, nicht in der Referenz zu Anderen, sondern in der Referenz zu mir selbst?“- Michael Berg 2 years 7 months ago
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