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Kabbalah & Psychology (ENG)

Mali Mizrahi

Dienstag, April 17, 2018 - 7:00pm bis Dienstag, May 15, 2018 - 8:00pm

Preis: 0€ - 60€

Kabbalah & Psychology

Peace happens when we bridge the gap between the mind and the soul.

Kabbalists teach that if we wish to establish peace on Earth, we must first establish inner peace. The ancient sages once held the secrets to such grand endeavors, bit now we can access the solution, as well. In this four-part seminar, learn how to bridge the gap between the mind and the soul, easing the burden of spiritual and emotional pain.

Join us for a journey that will help elevate your consciousness, while giving you the tools to expand your understanding of the teachings of Kabbalah.


Class 1: Family ties
• How to get rid of negative believe systems who were created in our childhood. What the kabbalists say about family relationship. We choose our parents, why?
• What light the mother give us, what light the father give us and how it affects us.
• Workshop, meditation.

Class 2: soul searching. Connecting to the authentic self
• Quotation from few renowned psychologists about the search for meaning. Kabbalistic understanding of what we want to receive. What is true desire what is fake desire. Body and soul. Being a channel.
• Workshop

Class 3: fear and Anxiety
• Our biggest fears, consciousness and sub-consciousness. Learned fears, ways to manage fears, redirecting of the fear, Kabbalistic understanding of fears and how to manage them.
• Meditation

Class 4: Confrontation
• Biblical stories of confrontations and what we can learn from them. How we confront proactively.

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