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Kabbalah 3 in English (Berlin)

Rachel Wende

Donnerstag, Januar 31, 2019 - 7:00pm bis Donnerstag, April 11, 2019 - 8:00pm

Preis: 91€

Kabbalah 3 in English

Clarity. Knowledge. Personal Transformation.

The Power of Kabbalah 3 delves deeper into often challenging life subjects, such as relationships and finances, equipping you with even more tools to help you practically apply the teachings to your day-to-day life and continue making the change you long for.

Join us for an inspirational course as we explore a series of complex kabbalistic concepts and tools, such as the spiritual significance of reincarnation, achieving true prosperity, understanding messages & signs, astrology and much more.

Prerequisite: Kabbalah 1 and 2.



- 12 Steps to Lasting Love – part 1
- 12 Steps to Lasting Love – part 2
- The Power of Water & the Mikve
- Kabbalistic Astrology & Tikkun
- Kabbalistic Lineage & the Student-Teacher Relationship
- True Prosperity
- Tikkun Hanefesh & Angels
- The 4 Phases
- Reincarnation & Past-Life Meditation


Starts: Thursday, 31. January @ 7pm | 9 sessions

Price: 91€


Teacher: Rachel Wende

Having grown up with the wisdom of Kabbalah, Rachel felt empowered by the understanding that she was responsible for the things that happen in her life. While studying History and Jewish Studies at Yeshiva University, Rachel volunteered and taught teen courses at the New York Centre, followed by several years of teaching and meeting students one-to-one in London.

Before she began teaching, Rachel was drawn to acting and the transformative experience of taking on the role of a character. She soon realized that the same rush of transformation she felt on stage could be felt every day if she committed to living outside of her comfort zone. In the classroom, Rachel has a knack for making complex ideas digestible and relatable, while preserving the deep spirituality of Kabbalah.

Rachel’s passion for spirituality combined with her love for creativity has made her a fresh voice in creative fulfillment. She enjoys the unity created through participating in creativity workshops, performance art, and occasionally singing gospel.

Rachel currently teaches and resides in Berlin, with her husband, David Wende who is also a Kabbalah teacher.

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