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All About Eve (EN)

For women only!

Mali Mizrahi

Dienstag, May 29, 2018 -
7:00pm bis 8:00pm

Preis: 0€ - 15€

"Women are the nurturers of the world ... [we] form the foundation for the spirituality that enters our homes, our places of work, our lives." - Karen Berg 

Historically and biblically, women were the leaders of their families, seeds of energy for the next generations, and channels of Light for the world. According to Kabbalah, each woman is a unique vessel capable of revealing tremendous Light. 

Join us for an uplifting evening that will guide you through a powerful process of exploring the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah and its applications to life as a woman in the 21st century. Gain clarity about how to hold onto yourself and take charge of your life while increasing relationship satisfaction with family, friends, colleagues and significant others.

These topics will be covered:

·         What is specific for the energy of women, where does it come from?

·         The story of the creation of the world and how it is connected to us.

·         Do women have a different Tikkun than man?

·         Kabbalists say the women are the engine of the universe, what does it mean?

·         So many hats to wear, so many tasks to do. How do we juggle it all?

·         How can I be a better me as a daughter, partner, mother, in my career and in my spiritual work.

Tuesday, May 29th @ 7pm (For women only!)

Price: 15€ or free with the monthly package

Language: English

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„Dies ist also der Maßstab: wo bin ich, nicht in der Referenz zu Anderen, sondern in der Referenz zu mir selbst?“- Michael Berg 2 years 6 months ago
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